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I have already described how a Saturday, femandjoy our neighbor Ted and I masturbated each other while wearing panties and other women like Ted said he would like to see my wife Vera in stockings and garters. This evening I told my wife that Ted had said he had big feet, but do so with the stockings and I would like to see is her stockings. He seemed very happy that Ted had admired her legs and it was obvious that despite the great difference of age, who had a bit of it, and was very impressed by his interest flattered. She said: ' What do you think ?' I said, '.. I think it's a great idea that would like to see in the media as Ted 's wife, Ann, ' She said, 'Yes, I 've noticed that I looked you must notify Ann skirts much... ' I laughed, ' You're a good conversation, I sit with my knees spread, and I'm sure Ted has seen his underwear. ' She laughed and simply change subject. the exerciseSaturday afternoon after Ted and I had each other in lingerie our wives ' I told him I masturbated he had said to Vera, and said that he thought my proposal was the fruit born because Ann had Vera said he mentioned he wanted to buy her stockings and garters and Ann asked where he bought it. When Vera returned from shopping, seemed a little excited and said go to the local pub with Ted and Ann tonight. night at the bar was very nice, but I was able to propose an air of repressed emotion sense and following the work of Ted, we're back home for a drink. When we returned, in instead of a cup Ted opened a bottle of dry white wine and all of us down with the drinks out. had two large leather sofas facing each other. Ted and Ann sat on one and Vera and I in another. Once Ann decided femandjoy to dress femandjoy assembled, and I could see the tops of her tan nylon stockings garters and bare legs, which immediatelyimmediately gave me a dime. I glanced at Vera and saw that her dress had ridden and that Ted was looking at the rock. After another drink, both dressed women were very high and very good to see black silk underwear for Ann, I was glad that Vera had dark nylons and pink, almost transparent, to see the nylon panties. From where he sat Ted has to be able to see her lips through the thin nylon and I could see through the swelling in his pants femandjoy that had a real erection. Ted gave us all drinks bolder and said, 'Why do not we all relax on the couch ' Vera laughed : 'It would be a little pressure with the four of us. ' Ted smiled, 'Well , no, no, if you sat on my lap and satellite Ann Jack.. 'Vera got up before I could say something quickly and moved to the other couch and said, Ann has and when I sat down, quickly rose to my lap ' What an excellent idea,'.. Vera guy shrugged and said:'What the hell. ' And he came and reached back to Ted. Once seated, Ted began to kiss, and I did the same with Ann. In no time the two women both had topless with her ​​bras 'kiss her boobs and sucking her puffy nipples. From there it goes forward to get their dresses right, so sit on your lap only his underwear stockings and suspenders. We went to kiss and caress their feelings through her ​​wet pussy panties. One of the most exciting things was that they both see our femandjoy women kissed and caressed by others. After a while the we were both women get up and removed her panties and right. Then we have arranged side by side on the couch and kissed Ted and I have femandjoy completely stripped and knelt between her legs and sucks her pussy and clitoris. to my delight Ann had a very large clitoris are hard and red and was really, as I sucked it works. At the same time, I could seevrrA to the clitoris was out. Finally, we went to our tails and pushed it against her wet pussy. My cock slid easily into Ann and was buried before his right. Ted was much more difficult, his dick in Vera, because as I said before its tail is much thicker than mine. Could possibly with a hard shove, he got his cock in her and began to ease in and out, and gradually got further and further up the pussy, I see that stretched wide around his thick cock. The whole time I was watching, I was fucking Ann slowly rather enjoy the feeling of her pussy. around my penis. Ted has more than his dick in Vera, femandjoy do little moans and murmurs u003c 'You're so big Oh, my God, I completely filled.. ' Then when he reached it and began to fuck her really only complained 'Yes, yes! ' Again and again. Meanwhile, I was really damn hard Ann and charged it. She clung to me, femandjoy panting and moaning, 'Oh, yes. Fuck Jack. Fick ms difficult. 'Then when I got even more difficult, she femandjoy exclaimed :'Oh Christ! I 'm running. I 'm running. 'And when injected into my own sperm. We have fallen and only saw Ted damn Vera solids until she screamed that she and Ted Cumming deposited its cargo to the pussy. N After cooling all agree that there is a great experience and we have repeated often. Ted regularly now and she even fucks Vera has become femandjoy bloody, which was particularly happy because now I can even ass fuck I like Ann and special occasions with the two women are now getting double ass fucked .
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